Is your child struggling with unhealthy weight?
Are you sick of the ‘Pester Power’ your child employs
to obtain a Junkfood fix?
Well watch out Ronald McDonald… there’s a
New Health Hero in Town!

Superfood Spike and the Fart of Junkfood Jimmy is the first book which allows parents to tackle the subject of unhealthy weight and junkfood advertising head on.

It provides lots of laughs for kids while giving parents the tools to raise awareness about junkfood and superfood in a fun and engaging way.


“The Superfood Spike children’s book is a great story that I’m sure children will love. In today’s world where children are so often seen as fair game by sophisticated marketers of junk food, it’s refreshing to find a book that uses humour to teach children (and adults) about the impact of advertising and poor food choices”
– Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM, nutritionist