Sharon Cooper

Sharon Cooper shouldn’t be here – literally. She developed complications after the birth of her second child and then suffered a stroke with near tragic consequences.

She is a survivor – one who has gone on to author two books to critical acclaim, and win awards for her achievements in her plant nursery.

The first of which ‘The Superfood Gardener’ was released in November 2010 and was endorsed by The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute as an excellent resource for anyone wishing to take control of their health.

Her second book ‘Superfood Spike and the Fart of Jimmy Junkfood’ tackles some of the healthy eating messages of her first book but this time is squarely aimed at children themselves.

Having two children whose eating habits could politely be described as ‘fussy’, Sharon understands first hand the battle parents can have with getting children to embrace healthy eating.

Helping parents teach their children the importance of healthy eating in a fun and engaging way is at the core of Sharon’s passion – and is the cornerstone of ‘Superfood Spike and the Fart of Jimmy Junkfood’. Sharon believes making children laugh (in a sometimes challenging world) is ‘the icing on the cake’ for her.

Sharon works part time alongside her husband Andrew in their plant production nursery growing new plant varieties for major chain stores Australia wide. Her spare time is spent working with the medical profession researching health facts and developing characters for her humorous children’s stories.